The Barbell Program Podcast

The Barbell Program Podcast

Expertengespräch zum Thema Kraftsport und Kraftdreikampf

Episode 16 - Interview with Powerlifting World Record Holder and World Games Medalist Carl Yngvar Christensen

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At this year's bench Europeans in Luxembourg we had the honor to talk to the numerous world record holder and world games medalist Carl Yngvar Christensen. Carl Yngvar gave us an inside view on some of his training methods, how he got into powerlifting and how high-frequency training worked out for him.

During a busy week for him between coaching and reffing, we were able to get about 20 minutes of his free time and talk a bit about the difference between 'Boy-' and 'Man-training'.

Carl Yngvar Christensen, thank you for your time and we are looking forward to seeing you at the best gym in the world DAS GYM.

Episode 11 - A chat with Sean Crowe from Strength Militia Powerlifting

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In this episode we talk with Sean from Strength Militia located in Belfast, Ireland. It was a pleasure and we are honored that he took the time and sat down with us talking about what we love most: Powerlifting and Professional Wrestling :)

You can connect and learn more about Sean and Strength Militia Powerlifiting here:

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